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The Competition

Competitors will speak for 5 - 7 minutes on one of the following topics:


1. What opportunities and challenges does climate change provide to Canadian 


2. Farming the future: how can young producers meet the challenges and opportunities of farm transitions?

3. Telling our story: how do we better communicate agriculture and food production practices t oconsumers?

4. The future farmer: what new skills and training will future farmers need to successfully operate their farm?

5. What steps does Canadian agriculture have to take to remain competitive in the world market?



Senior Competition (16 – 24)

• Champion $1,000.00

• 1st Runner-up $500.00

• 2nd Runner-up $350.00

• Three Honourable Mentions $150.00 each



Junior Competition (11-15)

• Champion $500.00

• 1st Runner-up $300.00

• 2nd Runner-up $150.00


This year's competition will take place in person Monday, July 10, 2023

at Old College in Olds, Alberta. 

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