Video Submission Rules

Speeches are to be 5-7 minutes in length and presented via a digital video presentation format.

Audio Guideline: The audio must be clear and without echo, static or other excessive noise. 


Pay attention to whether there is any echo while a contestant is speaking and work to remove any known echoes. 


Ensure the contestant is in a space without background noise


If contestants do not have microphones that can be on their bodies, ensure that the defined distance still allows their microphone to clearly record their voice. It is recommended that contestants conduct a sound check before recording their official submission


Camera Guidelines: The camera must record clear audio and visual material 

If you do not have a camera that records in high definition, ensure the image is as clear as possible. Recordings from phones and tablets are permitted. 


Only single-camera setup is permitted; use of multiple camera angles is not allowed


All contestants must ensure their camera is secured on a stable surface (while a tripod is not required, it is a useful tool if available). 

Speaking area Guidelines: The entire speaking area must be visible throughout the recording.

This typically means that the stage/area on which the contestant is standing must be visible, along with the contestant’s entire body.


Set a distance that shows as much of the contestant as possible; if it is not possible to show the entire body, ensure that the camera is set so that the contestant's face is clearly seen. 


The contestant may not use any props or other visual aids including backdrops or camera filters. 


Recording should be done indoors, in a room with a neutral background. 


Video Editing Guidelines:

The contestants video may not be edited or updated after initial filming in any way. This includes titles and text boxes, dissolves, color corrections, editing for time or content etc.  Videos that have been edited will be removed from the competition. 


Recording Submission Guidelines: 

Email your submission to by 11:59pm on August 15, 2020.
Submit your recording in an MP4 format